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Great Experience


Easter island

Live the experience of enjoying one of most enigmatic and mystics of the world. Enjoy the culture, landscape, traditions and the wonderful people of...

Machu Picchu

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Salar de Uyuni

Daily departures from Uyuni at 09:00 a.m. We left Uyuni Salar bound, by the waywhere people will visit Colchani exploits people's salt, the hotel built...


Live the experience of enjoying one of most enigmatic and mystics of the world. Enjoy the culture, landscape, traditions and the wonderful people of Rapanui.

Day 01:
Flight from Santiago to Easter Island. Arrival and Welcome; transfer to hotel; Accommodation.

Day 02:
Breakfast. Full day excursion to Anakena, where you will visit the following sites: VAHIU (the main open-air temple of the island, where 8 completely destroyed moai can be seen, the stone figures of the Easter Islands), Akahanga (place, where you can see various statues from different eras of history), RanoRaraku (A 250-meter high volcano, with a lagoon in the crater, where also 394 interesting statues were built), TE PITO KURA (The largest moai was transported here, weighing 90 tons and containing a round stone called TE PITO TE HUENA which was supposed to be the hub of the universe.) NGAU NGAU AHU (open-air temple, where one finds the eyes of the moai, and which is also a place of great archaeological discoveries, where the statues of the archaeologist Sergio Rapu were recovered);Picnic at RanoRaraku;then trip to the beach of Anakena; Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 03:
Breakfast; Half-day excursion to Orongo, including admission to the National Park Orongo; There you can see, RANOKAU (the most beautiful volcano on the island, with a height of 400 meters and a lagoon in its crater with a diameter of 700 square meters, in the surroundings there are many plantations of pineapples and grapes), ORONGO (Old ceremonial village, where you will get to know the history of Tangata Manu), ANA KAI TANGATA (cave, where human flesh was eaten once and on the walls and ceiling you will see paintings and symbols), VINAPU (wall, very similar to the Peruvian wall in Machu Picchu from the Inca cultures, with geoglyphs). Return to the hotel;Leisure; Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 04:
Breakfast;Half-day excursion to AhuAkivi;You will visit: AHU AKIVI (7 Moai: the only temple in the center of the island, the moai face the sea, in the direction of Tahiti), ANA TEPAHU (cave in the form of tunnels that were created by nature and by the lava of volcanoes , and where once lived the old warriors), CAVA DE PUNA PAU (mountain, which produced material that was used for the production of red paint to produce pictures and paintings for the moai);Return to the hotel;Leisure; Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 05:
Breakfast;Free day; We encourage you to visit the village of Padre SebastiánEnglert with its interesting museum; Hotel accommodation.

Day 06:
Breakfast; Free day; We advise you to rent a jeep and visit the caves, beaches and other notable places of the island; Hotel accommodation.

Day 07:
Breakfast; Transfer to the airport to take the flight back to Santiago.

The program includes:

• Transfer airport / hotel / airport.
• Welcome at the airport with flower necklace.
• 06 nights accommodation at hotel with breakfast.
• Full day trip anakena with picnic lunch.
• Half day trip orongo with entry into the national park rapa nui.
• Half day trip ahu akivi.
• Special travel guide.